Does A Google Search For Your Business Show A Wrong Address or Phone Number? How To Fix It

Which one of these situations applies to you?

  • You’ve done a Google Search for your business and you can see an old address and/or an old phone number beside your business name?
  • Customers are telling you there is an old address or phone number in Google but you can’t figure out where it is?

The thought that customers have been trying to contact you, but they’ve got the wrong contact information, is very frustrating.

It’s worse when you can’t figure out where that incorrect information is stored and how to change it!

The problem is that a Google+ page for your business was automatically created when Google Places for Business was replaced with Google+ a few years ago.

This means that you most probably have a Google+ page that you don’t control, with old information in it.

Let’s fix that.

There are 2 things you can do to correct the contact details of your business on Google:

  1. Go through the process of claiming your Google+ business page
  2. Start from scratch by telling Google that the business has closed permanently

Claim Your Google+ Business Page First So You Can Update Contact Details. Here’s How:

  1. Do a Google search for your business
  2. On the right hand side you should see a panel with a map like this:
  3. Click on the “Are you the business owner?” link beneath this box to start the process (see screenshot below)

    Are you the business owner?

    Are you the business owner?

  4. Next, you’ll be asked to tick a box to indicate you have authorisation to change details for this business. Do so, and click the “continue” button
  5. You have 4 options from here:
    1. If the phone number is correct, you can verify your account by getting a robot to call you instantly to read out a code number
    2. If the address is correct, you can get a postcode sent to you with a code number on it
    3. You can come back to the verification step later by clicking the “Continue and Verify Later” link:

      Continue and verify later

      Continue and verify later

    4. If both details are wrong, you are stuck! You’ll need to remove this business from Google and start from scratch! (Instructions below)
  6. Next, fix the details that are wrong
  7. Verify your business with the phone call or postcard. If you don’t, none of the changes you made will go live on Google!

Sometimes You Need To Start From Scratch By Deleting The Business From Google+ & Google Maps. Here’s How:

If both your phone number and address are wrong. Your only option is to tell Google that the business has closed permanently to remove it from Google Maps entirely (allowing you to add it properly, later):

  1. Do a Google search for your business
  2. On the right hand side you should see a panel with a map
  3. Click on the “Feedback” link beneath this box to start the process (see screenshot below)


    Location of the Feedback link

  4. On the next screen, switch the button from “no” to “yes”
  5. State your reason for the change (eg “moved elsewhere”)
  6. Wait a few weeks to see if it worked

Never Pay Someone $5 for 1000’s Of Links To Your Website

Did you know that the more quality links there are back to your website, the better your Google rankings will be?

But, what do I mean by “quality”?

What Is A “Quality” Website?

  1. It’s a website with content that is useful to people
  2. It serves a specific audience. It operates in a “niche”
  3. It has lots of quality web traffic of it’s own
  4. It is reputable and official in some way (for example if you were an accountant and you had a link on a Government website like back to your website, that would be awesome)

If your website is good (and especially if you write good articles), over time you’ll probably get lots of links back to your site (“backlinks”), but it is tempting to accelerate the process with offers of “1000 backlinks to your website for $5!”.

I get email spam from Indian/Indonesian based firms offering link building services every day (my Gmail spam filter struggles to keep up).

They make big promises “#1 Google ranking guaranteed” and they use industry jargon (llike “whitehat” and “PageRank”) and specific promises to try to impress “20 links on PageRank 3 blogs + 20x PR4 + 10x PR5…”

You must be wondering:

  • Can you trust them?
  • Do you need them?
  • Are their link building techniques legitimate?

No, no and no.

Here are 5 reasons why you should never hire anyone to build links to your website for $5:

  1. As a rule, never support any offer delivered via SPAM. It just encourages more spam.
  2. If they are spamming you, they are offering this deal to the whole planet therefore if they get thousands of customers the techniques they use lose effectiveness
  3. Think ahead: Would thousands of links back to you on random blogs be useful to your potential customers? If not, Google will ignore them eventually if they don’t already
  4. It could actually damage your Google rankings, if they use “black hat” techniques for you which Google has identifies as attempts to game the system
  5. Google is trying very hard to deliver increasingly localised search results so a link to your website from a website in Cambodia about chickens is becoming more and more irrelevant

So what can you do?

Do it yourself:

  1. Write useful articles on your website that people will want to link to and share
  2. Register your website with New Zealand based online business directories
  3. Write useful and value-adding comments to blog articles about your industry

Never hire anyone to do it for you, they will just take your money, and any benefits you get from the work they do will last 5 minutes.