Want To Hire Me Instead Of Doing It Yourself?

Are you short on time right now and just want to hire me to register your business with human-edited business directories?

Well, I have good news. Hire me to get it done for a reasonable fee.


There are 3 steps in the process:

#1. Setup an email forwarder for me

  • I’ll need you to set-up an email forwarder for me
  • sheldon@your_business_name.co.nz >> sheldon.nesdale@gmail.com
  • Some of the sites generate emails that contain links that I need to click to verify your business
  • For added security, I encourage you to forward a copy of all these emails to another email address you have also

#2. I’ll provide you with a Google Doc/form to fill in:

You’ll need to provide:

  • A contact person and all your contact details
  • A one-sentence summary of what you do
  • A short description of what you do
  • A long description of what you do (including bullet points)
  • Links to your other profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Photos of your products/services/office/customers

I’ll collect a few elements I need from your website; logo and photos.

#3. I’ll add your business to the top 6 – 10 business directories in my list

I provide a range, rather than simply saying “the top 10” because for a few of directories, I may need to talk to you, or your web designer to get verification.

  • Coordinating with you/them can chew up a bit of the budget so occasionally I have to cut back on the number of directories I can get you listed in
  • A second option is for me to charge you extra to continue through the entire list

To speed up the process I use my own accounts with these business directories.

  • If your business details need updating later (eg, you change your address), I’ll need to charge a small fee to make the changes
  • If you need your business out of my accounts and into yours, it’s better for me to just delete my versions and for you to create your own logins and insert your own data

I’ll provide you with links to all the business directories I’ve set you up on so you can check them yourself (in the same Google Doc/form you filled in at the start).

Ready to Hire Me?