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me-2014-200Hi, I’m Sheldon Nesdale and I love how you and I can buy a domain name for $20, install a website, and within a couple of hours we have something we created, live, on the internet.

How awesome is that?

But as you know, just having your content on the internet isn’t enough. You also want people to read what you’ve wrote, to see what you’ve made.

That’s when “Search Engine Optimisation” comes in.

In a nutshell its just answering the question “How do I get my website to appear in Search Engine results?”

One of the major techniques is listing your website in human edited local business directories.

I’ve built lots of website for myself and for clients over the years and I found myself repeating a particular task over and over again.

It was the task of figuring out which NZ business directories I should add the new website to.

I also needed a handy place to keep this list of the best ones and the ones that weren’t worth the time.

A blog article was the perfect place. That blog article has become so popular, that I created this website dedicated to the cause.

NZBusinessDirectories.co.nz is a list of all the best online NZ business directories.

It is of use to:

  • Business owners who want to improve their Google rankings
  • Entrepreneurs that have just launched a new website and want to start getting traffic to it
  • Website developers/designers who know that adding their clients sites to these directories is an essential first step for good SEO

If my list is of use to you, speak up and say so in the comments. If I’ve missed a business directory, add it to the comments section and I’ll take a look.

And if you are short on time, you can hire me.

All the best.


Sheldon Nesdale
Email: sheldon@nzbusinessdirectories.co.nz

(A spammy calling centre based overseas is using a name similar to me. I do not make out-bound sales calls so calling me to complain will not help, sorry).

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